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We were commissioned to design the interiors for a new 68m motor yacht named the Lady Christine which was built by Feadship in 2010. Onboard is a private owner’s deck with dining area, gym and a forward-facing, full-beam master suite with spectacular views while out on deck she offers guests an 18,000-litre contraflow swimming pool on the main deck and a massive sundeck area for hosting larger groups. Read the full guide here.


The formal entrance on the main deck makes a dramatic impression as there is a fabulous spiral staircase that winds up to the three decks above and down to the cinema below. Decorated with faux ostrich and ultra-suede panels and a bronzed steel balustrade, the staircase is made of cherry wood.

In the Salon, cherry panels with maple inlay are interspersed with fluted glass columns, each containing a glass figurine in a niche, backed onto antique bronze mirrors to give depth and infinite reflections. The Vitruvian scroll made from inlays of ebony and maple stretches seamlessly around the massive recessed domed ceiling and conceals the air conditioning vents. The curved sofas and tables of burr amboyna fit exactly within the oval of the carpet and recessed ceiling.  The doors, bookcases and cupboards have the unique motif developed for the yacht which is composed of hundreds of parts resembling a pyrotechnic display streaming from a geometric base in parabolic shapes. 


In the Owner’s Stateroom, two intricate sideboard units flank a curved sofa and a glass table with mirror polished stainless steel legs. The ceiling has an octagonal opening that transforms into a circular dome.

The Dining Room features an exquisite pair of sideboards with a niche for statues flanked by antique mirrored glass. The key pattern is embellished with mother-of-pearl on the architrave either side of the glass partition doors. The same key pattern design is in the sculpted carpet. Above the dining table, the special alabaster light fitting, also seen in the bar and main salon ceilings, features antique glass surrounds and a lacquered silver finish. 


The two Dining Room sideboards and display niches have fine inlays of amboyna, macassar ebony and maple with antiqued mirror set in a key pattern architrave and frieze of inlaid woods and mother of pearl. 

The bar features a series of engraved glass panels, based on the owner’s photographs illuminated by an LED strip set on the top edge.

The Key West room has virtually all-round views and opens to the sun deck and helicopter deck. The  ceiling has two rings of antiqued mirror surrounding a recessed panel of faux ostrich. A decorative highlight of the room is the alternating teak octagonal columns with flat pilasters and the bar and servery are also made of teak. 


The joinery work in His and Her Studies is exceptional, with a fine example being the curved corners that soften the whole atmosphere of the rooms. The catamaran desk in His Study is made of rosewood with brass inlays and a leather trim. 

The owner’s catamaran desk is made of rosewood with brass inlays and a leather trim. The double curvature on the legs, curved in plan and tapered in section, make this table a cabinet maker’s tour de force. Another delightful piece is the small round side table also in rosewood with polished brass legs and inlay.

In His Study, triple beads of ebony define the wall panels, with flame mahogany inside an ebony banded panel within that. Macassar pilasters and a roped column are the basis of the architectural order and Vitruvian scroll fiddles edge the glass shelves in the bookcases

P1040174 rev.JPG

The glass cantilever desk in Her Study is supported on a stainless steel structure veneered in amboyna. The main panels in Her Study are mother of pearl, framed in cherrywood with ebony mouldings and amboyna panels. Delightful criss-cross ebony inlay columns are topped off with a shell capital in gold leaf. 


Exterior design by Studio de Voogt. Built by Feadship.

Photography by Feadship

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