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  • Bell House | Rodney Black Design

    BELL HOUSE- Alterations & landscaping Bell House is a Grade II listed buidling. The work involved the reordering and part reconstruction of the north wing and the conversion of the garage into a garden room, together with landscaping. Work is ongoing with further alterations to the south wing and reordering of the garden. PROJECT GALLERY 1/4 RETURN TO: INTERIOR PROJECTS LANDSCAPE PROJECTS ARCHITECTURE PROJECTS IN THE WORKS Rodney Black Design Studios. Gun Hill House, Ipswich Road, Dedham, Colchester, CO7 6HR, UK Tel +44(0)1206 322800 STAY IN TOUCH: © 2023 RODNEY BLACK. Powered and secured by Wix / PRIVACY POLICY/ SITE DESIGN: RODNEY BLACK VAT Registration no. 665 9458 79 Registered in England no. 3161218

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