Green Oak construction for Large Residential Barn
Green Oak frame buildings have been built in the UK for many centuries. They are derived from Roman carpentry practice and have the potential for enormously long life. Some extant oak-framed buildings are over 800 years old. This is an approach to building with which we are very familiar having surveyed and conserved many of them. Our new green oak framed buildings are projected to have very long life, especially as the associated brickwork is laid in lime mortar. This approach to building has many environmental benefits including the carbon capture of the oak structure and the very low ratio of energy required for construction/useful life span.

With the strong trend towards energy conservation and the use of renewable fuels, we are taking the lead in every project we undertake to incorporate the new technologies and to reduce heat losses from buildings.

Photo voltaics (PV), solar collectors, bio-mass boilers and heat pumps are all technologies we are incorporating into our projects. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for domestic properties makes investment in the right form of heat generation very attractive.
Super-insulation - biomass boiler
Green roof and solar panels
Pool heated by 60 kW evacuated tube solar collector
Conservation of Mediaeval Grade II*  Listed House, Essex
60 kW evacuated tube solar collector
Solar + ground source heating ready


We aim to use sustainable products and technology in all our projects including green oak, biomass boilers, heat pumps, photo voltaics and solar collectors.

New Residential Barn using green oak construction New swimming pool heated by air source heat pump in new greenhouse
Air source heat pump and Greenhouse pre-heating of air for swimming pool
Super-insulated renovated barn with biomass boiler New annexe and swimming pool building with solar panels and green roof Swimming pool heated by 60kW evacuated tube solar collector 60 kW evacuated tube solar collector New pool building ready for solar and ground source heating