Inner Garden
New Inner Garden
Pool Entrance
Entrance to pool within walled garden
New Barn and Pool
New Barn and Pool
New Pergola, Barns, Walls and Tennis Court
New Pergola, Barns, Walls and Tennis Court
New Gates and Fruit Cage
New Gates with Fruit Cage
Greenhouse, Potting Shed and Kitchen Garden New Greenhouse, Potting Shed and Kitchen Garden Pool House Building
New Pool House Building
Gothick Pool House
Gothick Pool House with walled garden
Pool and Belvedere
Pool and Belvedere
Large New Greenhouse
Large New Greenhouse
Rose Arbour and Raised Beds Kitchen Garden and Raised Beds
Rose Arbour
Formal Kitchen Garden with Raised Beds Rose Garden, Trellises and Pergola
New Rose Garden with Trellises and Pergola
We are keen that our properties are set off in the most appropriate way and landscaping often forms part of the overall project which can include layouts, plant selection, follies, orangeries, ornamental and swimming pools and pool houses.
Greenhouse, Outbuildings and Border
Greenhouse, Studio and Garage with parterre and colourful Borders
Greenhouse with Exotic Planting
Greenhouse with Exotic Planting
Porch with Formal Approach
Porch with Formal Approach
Sitouterie in New Garden
Sitouterie in New Garden
Interior of Sitouterie
Sitouterie from the Inside
Glazed Verandah and Conservatory
New Glazed Verandah and Conservatory
False Perspective Pergolas and Trellis in Small Town Garden
False Perspective Pergola Formal Parterre and Roses
Formal Parterres and Roses
Formal Garden with Gazebo Gazebo Detail
Detail of Gazebo
Formal garden with Gazebo Beds and Borders
New and Restored Beds and Borders
Formal Gardens, Garage and Garden Buildings
Formal Gardens and Garages Formal landscaping for classical extension
New formal landscaping to complement the new classical  extension
Watercolour of Proposed Landscaping Scheme
Philippa Dow's Garden Scheme in Watercolour Completed Landscaping Scheme Completed Landscaping Scheme Completed Scheme
Completed Scheme